You’ve seen them in the movies, those bodyguards walking around with their dark shades looking serious. But they always seem to end up being attacked from behind, unaware, and their first reaction to any threat is to pull out a gun and stand there. Those are not real bodyguards. Proper VIP bodyguard training teaches you to use your mind as well as your body, and to be properly prepared no matter what.

Protocols and etiquette

Firstly, before you even get to protecting anybody it is important for a bodyguard to know how to behave. The point of this training component is to prepare you for the various social, cultural and behavioural requirements you will need to work with. Especially in VIP bodyguard training you are preparing to work with a lot of foreign dignitaries, so etiquette is key.

Where a VIP from one nation may find a hug in greeting acceptable, but a handshake offensive, another culture might choose a bow over any physical contact at all. More than just making sure you don’t offend your client, having this knowledge and sensitivity will also prepare you for any risky behaviour. If they have a cultural habit that could place them in danger here, and you know about it, you can be sure to prepare for the possibilities.

Threat assessment

Remember those poorly prepared bodyguards from the movies? They were clearly not trained in threat assessment, because they did not realise there was a threat.

Threat assessment covers a range of situations and capabilities, from spotting areas that are open to threats to identifying suspicious behaviour. For instance, if you see an individual hiding their face and pushing through a crowd directly at you, hands in their pockets, you should be able to assess and identify the potential threat and move to protect your client.

You may also find yourself trapped between various threats or threatening situations. VIP bodyguard training will prepare you for this, giving you the tools to calmly assess the threats in front of you in order to choose the least threatening path for your client out of that situation.

Law and Power of Arrest

Finally, being aware of the law is important for keeping yourself in the business. Real bodyguards don’t just shoot wildly, because killing or injuring anybody, even a criminal, can have serious legal ramifications. That is why you need to know the law, and know your power of arrest so that you can handle perpetrators legally and professionally.

These are just some of the things you will learn in professional VIP bodyguard training. Contact a professional bodyguard training firm today and get yourself into peak physical and mental condition!