Study Abroad: 5 Countries Which Offer Low-Cost Education To International Students

Study Abroad: 5 Countries Which Offer Low-Cost Education To International Students
5 Countries Which Offer Low-Cost Education To International Students
NEW DELHI: With 195 countries in the world, students wishing to study abroad have a lot of options. However, when considering the option of study abroad, a student needs to consider various factors which also include living cost and tuition fee which is why it may be a good idea to opt to study in a country where the tuition fee is zero or next to nothing. There are many countries in the world where you can study abroad by paying a nominal fee.

Here we have prepared a list of five countries around the world which offer world class education at a nominal fee to International students. The list is based on QS world ranking website.

study abroad germany

1. Germany: Germany is renowned for its free education system. International students have to pay a nominal fee which is next to nothing when compared to the tuition fee an International student has to pay in US or UK. Students applying to a German University where tuition is free, will still have to cover living expenses. One of the conditions of obtaining a student visa for Germany is that the student will have to prove they have around 8,700 Euros (~US$9,230) per year for living expenses.

study abroad france

2. France: France, though not as popular as Germany for free education, also offers tuition to International students at a nominal cost. Although most of the programs taught for free are taught in French, it is not an issue as students can take a preparatory class in French before applying to the University of their choice.
study abroad norway

3. Norway: Norway offers free education at all levels irrespective of nationality of a student. Majority of the programs offered are mainly taught in Norwegian and International students would need to prove their proficiency in the language for admission. At Master’s and PhD level, more options are available in English language.

study abroad austria
4. Austria: While European students can study in Austria for a very low fee, the cost of education for non-EU students is a bit higher but still is at a lower side. International students from outside of the EU/EEA have to pay around 726 Euros (~US$770) per semester.

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study abroad iceland

5. Iceland: The four public universities in Iceland charge no tuition fee and a student has to pay only 400 Euro a year (~US$425) as registration fee. However, the living cost can be pretty high in Iceland and other Nordic countries.