When Outsider knows he is going to be away from home and gets to stay in a hotel he not-so-secretly gets excited about watching cable TV. More specifically the chance to watch any Ninja Warrior episode.

So Outsider was delighted to find out that there was an Australian season, and his interest was piqued even more when he found out there was
a financial planner contestant.

The 24-year-old Perth planner, Rob Sandover, made the semi-finals of the inaugural season and while he did not fail on any obstacle he was unable to make the finals.

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Sandover channelled his energy into Ninja Warrior training after he was forced to stop competing in all contact sports after suffering from amnesia twice after rugby union and snowboarding accidents.

Outsider wonders how far bad apple advisers who have been banned or disqualified from the corporate watchdog would get in the competition if they spent their new-found time ninja training.
Just a thought.

In any case, Outsider hopes to catch an episode while he’s not on the golf course or schmoosing at Money Management’s Platform and Wraps conference this week.