Image result for Millennials Are Stuck in a Crisis Mentality When It Comes to InvestingAttention all millennials.

Millennials jaded by the financial crisis will miss out on the best investing years of their lives if they don’t take some risks soon, according to a new Legg Mason Global Investment Survey. Some 82% of millennial investors ages 18 to 35 said their investment decisions were influenced by the financial crisis, with 57% identifying as “strongly influenced.”

Millennials’ parents are far less world-weary. Only 39% of Generation X investors and 13% of Baby Boom investors said they were “strongly influenced” by the financial crisis.

Coming of age in a devastating global market collapse impacted millennial investors who have shied away from the high-risk ventures that have thrived since the crisis hit rock bottom. Millennials are instead saving like their Depression-era grandparents, Legg Mason wrote in their report.

About 85% of millennial investors are “conservative,” and 52% say they’re “very conservative” with their investments.

Millennials who fail to capitalize on their youth are throwing away their greatest advantage, the report said. With decades before retirement, risk shouldn’t be all that’s scary. There might be promise aheadthough: nearly 80% of millennial investors said they plan to take on more risk this year, far more than the 27% of Generation X investors who plan to do the same.

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