How to Create a link in your bio

As a realtor, you want to go where the money is. Right now, the market is relying on Millennials to continue the trend of purchasing homes and other real estate properties. Instagram is one of the main online hang-out spots for most Millennials. Utilize these four tips to get more leads to turn into sales.

1. Create a link in your bio.
Always make sure that you create the foundation for your brand. If you don’t have anywhere to redirect your followers, you’ll lose them. Start by creating a website. Make sure that the website has an opt-in incentive so that people can sign up and join an email list. If you’re not great with the technical side of marketing, visit to get more information on how to get assistance with it.

2. Post consistently.
Post consistently on your platform. The IG stories option allows you to post numerous times throughout the day. As people watch your content, you can get a good idea of how much they enjoy it. You’ll be able to see the numbers and the people who are watching. As the numbers taper off, understand that those specific topics aren’t the most interesting to them. Do your best to make sure your feed looks great, eye-catching and cohesive. Aesthetics matter when you’re dealing with online marketing. So, it’s wise to make sure the details are perfect.

3. Share value.
The best way to increase your amount of followers is to actively share valuable information. No one can deny helpful information that’s free. Regularly do live videos and share content on your feed. As you get into the habit of sharing, ask your followers to tag other friends that might benefit from the information you’re sharing. This will help you to expand your reach.

4. Show results.
When it comes to your business, don’t be afraid to show the results. When you close a deal, take a picture of you and your client after the signing. Make sure that you have the permission of your client to post their likeness on social media. While some might perceive this as bragging, understand that you must show your results in order to gain the trust of new clientele.