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Leaders of the Future Will Need These 5 Skills (Inc.)

The complex world we live in is a world with multiple voices. A large majority of the population has access to the Internet and can engage, create, and broadcast opinions. Leaders need to know that everyone has gifts to offer, and honour the responsibility of each to bring those gifts.

Successful Networking Is All About Having the Right Energy (Entrepreneur)

When networking, be “more interested than interesting.” Simply put: Find out what they know, rather than showing off what you know. Exchange contact numbers on the spot by having them call your mobile phone with theirs. In the same day you meet them, send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

Why Workplaces Need to Be Fairer to Working Dads (Harvard Business Review)

Making paternity leave available and affordable helps businesses. And when businesses don’t have paternity leave, they lose great men. The survey from Promundo and Dove Men+Care found that men (69 percent) are even more willing than women (66 percent) to change jobs if necessary in order to be involved in the early months of their child’s life.