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During an annual memorial service for police officers killed in the line of duty, President Trump said police are subject to “unfair defamation” and pledged to protect them. The Supreme Court declined to hear a case regarding a strict voter-ID law in North Carolina, leaving in place a previous ruling that struck down parts of the law for being unconstitutional. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who wrote a memo detailing the case against former FBI Director James Comey, will brief senators on Thursday about Trump’s decision to fire Comey. Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton launched her new political group “Onward Together.” The Trump administration accused the Syrian government of executing thousands of prisoners and burning their bodies in a crematorium.

Today on The Atlantic

  • A Welcome Change: On Monday, President Trump welcomed the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, Muhamed bin Zayed, to the White House. The UAE and other gulf nations are as excited as ever about being fully embraced by the Trump administration, after being kept at arm’s length under the Obama administration. (Andrew Exum)
  • ‘His Kampf’: Graeme Wood, who went to high school with Richard Spencer, describes the famed white nationalist as a man who has spent decades reinventing himself, from mediocre Texas athlete to leader of the so-called “alt right.”
  • Is Trump Breaking SNL?: Caught up in the turmoil of the new administration, the show has taken to simply listing, rather than satirizing, the week’s news, argues Megan Garber. Saturday Night Live, like the rest of America, “seems to be having trouble keeping up.”+
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