iPhone XS

Size matters. At least to some in the US who have filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the company misled consumers about the screen size of the iPhone X, iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. The lawsuit alleges that Apple claims the iPhone has an “all-screen” design but that is not accurate because the screen has a notch.

The lawsuit, details of which have been provided by CNET website, also claims that Apple measures the phone’s screen by including the corners and notch and hence claims that iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen. This is disingenuous and a lie, claim people who have filed the lawsuit against Apple. They say that the usable area of the iPhone X screen only measures “5.6875 inches”.

Now, this is interesting. We know people can be finicky about inches and wrong claims about size aren’t all that uncommon, for example ask men and women too how claims and counterclaims of size and inches fly. But jokes aside, Apple has been sued for making a sort of claim that all phone companies make.

In a bid to show that their phones really have big screens, phone companies measure the size of their phone’s display edge to edge and this edge includes the bunny ears on the both sides of the notch that that the companies are putting in their phones nowadays. So essentially when you are buying a phone with a 6.4-inch screen, even if that phone happens to be the OnePlus 6T that has a very tiny notch, you aren’t exactly getting a screen that truly measures 6.4 inches edge to edge.

The plea filed against Apple — it has been filed in the US District Court of Northern California — also alleges that the total amount of pixels available in the iPhone X screen is lower than what Apple advertises. It alleges that some of the pixels are missing red, blue and green subpixels in the screen. Yet again, the claim is extremely technical in nature.

However, if you read more about the plea filed against Apple you can see that the company has been singled out for doing what all phone companies do in the industry. In fact, the whole lawsuit seems even more ridiculous than the one that was filed against Subway in 2013 for selling “Footlong” sub. That lawsuit had claimed that Subway’s “Footlong sub” wasn’t exactly foot-long. Instead of a 12-inch sandwich, consumers were getting a sandwich that was only 11 inches long, claimed the lawsuit. It was thrown out by the court.