Amazon is hiring 50,000 people today. Here are 9 other tech companies bringing on tons of talent

Amazon is hosting the nation’s largest job fair today at 12 different locations across the country. The behemoth tech company is looking to fill more than 50,000 full and part-time jobs, mostly at the company’s fulfillment centers.

While 50,000 already seems like a lot of jobs, data analysis site Paysafound that in 2016, Amazon posted a whopping 258,511 job listings. In fact, the company has posted 80,153 listings in the first quarter of 2017 alone.

1.25 million square foot Amazon shipping center in Schertz, Texas.

Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc | Getty Images
1.25 million square foot Amazon shipping center in Schertz, Texas.

Paysa looked at job postings from the world’s tech “titans” (companies worth at least $100 billion with an IPO more than 10 years ago) and “tech disruptors” (companies worth at least $10 billion with an IPO within the last 10 years) and found that Amazon is hiring six times more employees than any other tech company.

Second on the list is Microsoft, which posted 48,037 job listings in 2016. This means that Amazon plans to hire more people on August 2nd than Microsoft did in all of 2016.

Paysa points out that Amazon is known for its high turnover rate, which could suggest that the company is not actually growing at a faster pace than its competitors but rather replacing employees who have recently left.

Other tech companies like Oracle and Google are also hoping to hire a significant number of employees this year. In the first quarter of 2017, Oracle posted 11,448 jobs and Google posted 9,293.

Check out the infographic below to see which tech companies are hiring the most this year: