NEW DELHI: Airbus India has launched a programme for women professionals who want to return to corporate careers after a sabbatical or maternity leave.

‘Fly Again’ was launched on March 8, the International Women’s Day, as part of Airbus India’s efforts to ensure that women can make a smooth return to professional life through structured mentoring, up-skilling and onboarding, stated a release shared by company.

Airbus India will organise mentorship programmes and fund returnship and training workshops to bridge the skill gap of selected candidates. The company will organise job fairs to increase awareness about the returnee programme.

“Airbus believes in creating equal opportunities for all. Progress has been made in this direction but we will do more. Today, we are hiring more women in leadership roles and will continue until the exception becomes the norm,” said Anand Stanley, President and Managing Director, Airbus India and South Asia.

Selected returnees will join the organisation at grades and levels matching with their talent and expertise.

“These will not be returnee internships but full-fledged employment opportunities that we will offer to women returners,” said Suraj Chettri, Head of Human Resources at Airbus India & South Asia.