On Sept. 28 in New York, a first-time conference called Beauty & Money will be held. In anticipation of the event, a panel of industry leaders have made their picks for the beauty-related businesses they believe are the most innovative, and those companies will be presenting at the conference.

I have met with most of those companies, and I think they’re pretty interesting. Many of them are very young; some are just starting up right now.

In most industries, being new and small is a disadvantage. But today’s beauty consumers are looking for what’s next, and that gives these companies an advantage. The larger players in the industry are also looking; they have made a lot of acquisitions in the last several years and are still on the hunt. All these young companies have a new idea that has gotten traction. Which of these endure and succeed will depend a lot on how they execute their plans.

The winners are being announced this morning, and here they are:

Courtesy Trestique

Trestique products

Trestique: I met this company earlier this year and wrote about them in a previous post. Their hero idea is to make beauty products easy to be used anywhere by simplifying the makeup routine for real women everyday with key essentials . Now that Instagram makes everyone photographable at any time or place, that’s important and Trestique makes it easy. Trestique is practical, functional and good. Full sized 2-in-1 products are easy to use and have refillable tools & magnetic sealing caps for easy-to-access open and close. One of the interesting things about Trestique is that women who didn’t previously wear makeup like it because it’s so intutive to use & apply and easy to carry around (Their Eessential 8 Set is a 5-minute routine that fits in a makeup bag the size of a coffee cup). Trestique is among the more established and larger in the group of awardees.