In America it’s customer experience. But in South America, it’s experiencia del cliente. No matter the language, the principles are still the same—customers should be the focus of every company. South American companies face the volatile world of instability and inflation, but they still show that focusing on customers can lead to success.  Here are 10 of the most customer-focused companies in South America.

1. Arcos Dorados Empowers Employees to Serve Customers

Arcos Dorados is based in Brazil and is the world’s largest independent McDonald’s franchisee with stores in more than 20 Latin American countries. The brand focuses on “cooltura de servicio”, or “service culture,” and encourages each employee to provide personalized service to customers. Employees are engaged and properly trained, which means they can offer creative solutions and great service to every customer. Arcos Dorados is a great place to work, and that shows to how its employees treat customers.

2. Santander Creates Innovative, Customer-First Solutions

One of South America’s largest banks, Santander has more than 44 million customers across 6,000 branches. Although its reach is widespread, Santander customizes each branch to match the regulations and culture of the country so that customers feel comfortable. Santander is always listening to customers and providing innovative solutions. In Chile, Santander runs Work Cafes, which are a combination bank and café that makes it convenient and enjoyable for customers to bank, work and grab a cup of coffee.